Pool Designs to Make Your Backyard Pop

Complete reliance on your air conditioning may provide a reprieve for you during the sweltering Australian summers. Nonetheless, this does come with the added cost of increased energy bills when the hot season rolls around. If you would like a permanent solution to enjoying the summer while staying outdoors, you should consider constructing a pool by getting in touch with a company like Gold Coast Family Pools & Spas.

Some individuals may presume that the size of their property may not be suitable for a swimming pool. But in reality, pool builders offer an array of designs that ensure your immediate needs are met. From infinity pools, to custom "spools" (or small pools), you are spoilt for choice. Read on to get some ideas on pool designs that would make your backyard pop.

Knife-edge pool designs

If conventional rectangular pool designs are not attractive to you, consider opting for a knife-edge design. This design is steadily gaining traction with pool builders as it adds a sophisticated look to your backyard. Characterised by having a "no wall" appearance, your swimming pool ends up looking like a sleek sheet over the pool decking. Knife-edge pool designs are particularly suited to homeowners who have a contemporary design theme in their home, as it lends a modern touch to your property. Not to mention, the new-age look of this type of pool is sure to increase the value of your residence.

Customised pool designs

Homeowners who are sceptical about pool building due to the limited space on their property would be advised to consider custom pool designs. With this type of pool construction, the builders will come up with a pool design according to the layout of your property. However, it should be noted that custom pool designs are best suited during the construction phase of your property, as the design would have to be incorporated during the architectural planning on your primary structure. With a custom design, you can have your pool winding through the residence, constructed as a moat on one side of the property and any other out of the box design!

Lounge-ledge pool designs

If your swimming pool is essentially for entertainment purposes rather than for exercise, then you could contemplate a lounge-ledge design. This type of design is characterised by having a dedicated area where it's shallow enough to sit. Thus, you get the chance to cool off with your friends and family by being minimally wet and without having to be fully submerged in the water. Lounge-ledge designs are also ideal for homeowners with young children, as the area with the loungers is much shallower than the rest of the pool. Hence, it provides a safe splash and paddle area for your kids and pets too!