Critical Factors That Would Determine Your Choice of Your Marquee Hire

If you plan to hold your wedding ceremony outdoors, a marquee would be a top priority in your wedding hire needs. Nonetheless, merely knowing you need a marquee does not translate into getting the right marquee for your individual wedding needs. Some couples will focus on the amount of money that the shelter will cost them, rather than factoring in the various aspects that would dictate which marquee would be suited for their event. Even if you plan to hold an intimate ceremony with a few guests, you could still end up needing a substantially sized shelter to meet all your requirements. The following are three critical factors that would determine your choice of marquee hire.

Factor in the peripheral wedding activities

Hiring a marquee is excellent for ensuring the Australian sun will not beat down on you and your guests. It is even more vital if there will be a chance of drizzle or light rain on the day of your wedding. However, what of the peripheral activities that would be occurring during your wedding day? Undoubtedly, you will have servers at your wedding, hired entertainment, perhaps a smoking area and more. To cater to these peripheral activities, you may want to consider smaller sized marquees that would be used to provide shelter too. Some couples forget this and in the event of foul weather, everybody huddles under the main marquee, uninvited guests included!

Factor in your food service

Another important consideration to bear in mind would be the food preparation during the wedding as this would also impact the size of your marquee. Some couples may prefer to hire their own chef. However, if you are hosting the event in a remote area, you would need to hire a marquee to shelter the cooking station during the reception. On the other hand, if you will have all your food prepared off-site, then you could simply get a larger marquee and designate a food station close to your guests.

Factor in your seating arrangements

The way you choose to seat your guests would also have an impact on what marquee would be suited to your wedding. For people that would like their guests to enjoy a sit-down meal with servers attending to each table, then you would have to choose a spacious marquee to allow for easy navigability between tables and enough space between the tables. On the other hand, if you would plan to have a cocktail party for your reception rather than a sit-down service, you could get away with a small marquee.