Dressing the Bride for a Winter Wedding

When choosing a wedding date, the majority of couples go for one in the spring or summer. There's more chance of the weather being good, with nuisance rain staying at bay. This means everyone can stay comfortable indoors and out, without having to wear layers of heavy clothing or huddle under umbrellas.

Still, there's something romantic about the colder part of the year, and that's attractive enough to some people that they decide on having a winter wedding. If you're going to get hitched when the weather might be on the chilly side, ensuring the bride is comfortable should be one of your higher priorities.

Here are some ideas for the bride's dress to keep her warm and toasty on the big day.



Velvet is one of the thickest and heaviest fabrics used for wedding dresses, so it provides plenty of warmth. This has made it one of the more popular choices for winter weddings.

It has a distinctive look and feel, which is quite different to other materials typically used in wedding dresses. However, this look is strongly associated with winter weather, so it can really look stunning at that time of year.


As it's made from silk, brocade is a bit more traditional than velvet. It's distinguished from plain silk by being thicker, with ornate designs integrated into the fabric. This gives you more scope for a unique, beautiful design.


Another classic wedding dress material, but thicker and heavier than some of the other choices. It lacks the warmth of velvet but is suitable for places that get a little chilly without being freezing cold.


Since wedding dresses are normally very long, the bride should have plenty of coverage to keep her legs warm. However, many people opt for a sleeveless design. While this might be good for summertime, it's a recipe for coldness in the winter.

You don't have to go for long sleeves, but just a bit more coverage on the shoulders can really help to raise the comfort level a bit.


Unless you want your dress to cover your entire chest, back, neck and shoulders, some sort of removable covering helps with warmth. If your dress is made from a material other than velvet, a velvet shrug or wrap can look beautiful. For a stronger statement, faux fur looks extremely regal, especially with a velvet dress.

If the wedding party will be outdoors at any point, small, delicate shoes are not a good idea. Something with a bit more substance helps keep the bride's feet warm, and a pair of small boots can work really well.