What to look for when choosing a function room

Whether you're hosting a work party, arranging a club meeting, or looking for a wedding reception venue, finding the right function room is an important part of your event planning. Making sure that you find what you need in your event space means knowing what to look for when you're searching. 

Visit first

If at all possible, you should visit the event space before you book. Pace out the area, getting a feel for its dimensions and a firsthand look at things like paint schemes, lighting and decor. Ask venue staff about seating capacity; their experience will tell you more than any official seating plan. If you're still looking for ideas for seating plans, decor or other aspects of your event, they may also be able to give some advice. 

Choose your time

To get a better sense of the function room, try to visit it at around the time you've chosen for an event. This can help you plan more accurately. For instance, if you're planning a weekend event, visit at a weekend to get a sense of the area's traffic and parking, which could be completely different on a weekday. Similarly, a venue that looks beautiful at noon might see the sun shining right in guests' eyes at sunset. The closer you can make your visit to the actual experience of the event, the better a position you'll be in to make your decision. 

Have an equipment list

If you're going to have a DJ, additional lighting, or anything else that needs power, be sure that you know before you arrive how many devices you're going to have to plug in and how long their cords are. A DJ's booth can be demanding, with audio equipment, computers and lighting all requiring power, so make sure you know what the requirements are. The available power supply can have a big effect on how you lay out your event space. 

Think modular

With the right amount of preparation time, a function room or other event space can be transformed by the addition of items you bring yourself. Separate different areas of the space with planters, or add an easel to display art, photographs or signs. If you need to illuminate some areas of the space but not others, freestanding or clip lamps can completely change the look. Don't overdo it, though: every item you bring in is one you'll have to take away at the end of the event.