How to Incorporate Pinterest’s 2018 Trends Into Your Wedding Décor

Every year, Pinterest reveals which styles are trending upwards for the coming year, and 2018 is no exception. If you're not ready to redesign your house, why not incorporate their home decor trends into your wedding styling? Here are three style trends to look at with ideas on how to bring them into the decor on your big day.

Resort-Inspired Style

Interest in resort-style decor is up 269%, and it's no surprise. With all the stresses of today's world, many people are looking towards relaxing decor for the upcoming year. There are numerous ways to incorporate tropical, spa-like elements into your wedding decor. You can start by hiring rattan or weave chairs, or adorning the chairs you already have with hessian sashes or hanging wicker decorations.

Foliage is what really brings this style to life, so look at renting real or faux plants. Big palms and other rainforest plants work perfectly with this decor, and plants with patterned leaves (such as calathea) are also a big upcoming trend (533% more popular than before). Opt for lots of pure white, natural browns and greens (in particular, calming sage green is up 170%) in your decor to complete the look.

Mixed Metals

From rose gold to copper, metals have been huge over the past few years. According to upcoming trends, now you don't have to choose between them. Mixed metals are up a whopping 423%, so don't hesitate to select a range of your favourites when selecting seating adornments, table decorations, and even cutlery.

For the best look, choose one dominant metal and some complementary metals to go with it. Warm and cool tones go well together, and make sure you take your wedding colours into account. Red, orange and yellow themes go well with warm metals like gold and copper, while blue, green, and purple themes are best paired with silver or chrome. One of the best parts of this trend is that it can save you money; you're free to choose the cheapest metal decor options available even if the colours aren't the same.


Big in the 1920s and again in the 1970s, terrazzo is making another resurgence, with Pinterest users saving it 316% more this year. This composite material is usually used in flooring and walls, but there are many ways to include it in your wedding too. For example, why not put your table flowers in terrazzo vases? You can even get a faux terrazzo look with fabric printing, making terrazzo seat cushions a possibility. As terrazzo brings together multiple colours, it can be a great way to tie your wedding colour scheme together. If you're willing to go the custom route, you can even get terrazzo decorations made to match your theme.

For more information about your options, contact a company that has wedding decor for hire.