Services Offered by In-Room Entertainment Providers

If you own a small hotel, you may be thinking about ways in which you can improve the experience you provide for your guests. Of course, guest will expect a comfortable bed and a clean room, but in order to compete with larger hotel chains, you will need to offer your customers something a little extra. One great extra you can offer your guests is on demand in-room entertainment. Below is a guide to some of the services offered by companies which provide on-demand entertainment.


An on-demand entertainment package will give your customers access to a database which features the latest blockbuster movies. A digital archive also means that many more movies can be offered compared to having a physical library of DVDs and because the movies are digitally streamed to the TV there is no risk that DVDs will be lost or damaged by guests during their stay.

Curated Premium TV

Entertainment providers can also offer you a range of different TV packages which contain a curated selection of the very best premium TV channels. For example, you may wish to select a package of lifestyle, cooking, travel or fashion programmes. Offering packages such as these make it easy for your guests to find the type of TV that they like to watch.

Kids TV

Travelling with kids can be a real challenge. If you do not keep children entertained, they are likely to cause problems. In-room entertainment packages typically come with a selection of kid's TV programmes such as short cartoons and animated films which are sure to keep children happy during their stay.

Sport and News Channels

If there is one thing that many Australian families love, it is sports. Whether it is rugby, cricket or tennis, an in-room entertainment package will feature premium sports channels which cover every major sporting event. The package will also include news channels from major news networks which will allow your customers to keep up-to-date with all of the latest developments from around the globe.


Not everyone loves TV. Some of your guests may wish to kick back in their room and relax while listening to music. An in-room entertainment package will allow the TV to broadcast local and national digital radio stations. This means that your customers can enjoy rock n roll, classical music or the latest pop hit.

If you would like to find out more, contact an entertainment provider today.